About us

Nammu is a company dedicated to international trade and ecommerce. Our objective is that you enjoy the same prices as if you bought directly in the best mining regions of the world. For that porpouse we source the best materials in international mining areas and collaborate with artisans to offer you quality jewelry finnish items, and we grant you an easy access to them via ecommerce featuring free international shipping on qualified orders.

The name of Nammu has its origins in the mesopotamic mythology. According to texts of that period, Nammu was the godness that created the world. She also created the god An (heaven) and the godness Ki (earth), and those gods created the rest of the gods. The gods realized that there was plenty of work to be made to live on the Earth and to extract its minerals. Then they created the human being for serving them, and to extract gold from the mines. The legends say that eventually human being reached a large number, and they reveled and stood by themselves.

We are specialized in 100% natural amber jewelry. Our amber pieces are dated from25 to 65 millions of years ago. We source amber gemstones from mines around the world, and specially from the the Baltic Sea, where we can find 90% of the world amber, and it is an excellent quality amber. We also dispose of Dominican Amber and Southern Asian Amber. Each product description indicates its amber origin. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity.

Lapis Lazuli was the more valuable gemstone in the old Mesopotamia, and the more used in jewelry, specially alongside with gold. To source it they traveled more than 5000 kilometers to the present Afghanistan. Because of the prestige of this stone, it had an important role in the culture of that period. Even existed the phrase "lapis lazuli like" to describe abundant wealth and the style of gods and heroes. At Nammu, as they did on that time, we source lapis lazuli directly from the afghan mines. It is the best lapis lazuli of best quality in the world. And this can be noticed in the resistance of the stone to the past of time without loosing the intensity of its blue color.

Nammu offers high quality gold finish jewelry. It is probably the best gold finish today in the market. It is done in Spain by expert artisans. It it made with at least 3 microns of 18ct gold. The expected duration of the gold plating is 10 years with normal use. Today, as it was millenniums ago, the gold was the base of jewelry. Never goes out of fashion.

The amount of the shipping costs is 4.95 euros per Certified Mail. Shipments are made from Barcelona, Spain. The estimated delivery time is between 1 and 15 working days, depending on the country in which you are.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@nammu.com o by phone at +34 644265428.

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